3rd - 4th May 2019

Believing in Jesus Christ
more thoughtfully,
more passionately &
more joyfully.


Forewarned is Forearmed: False Teachers in 2 Peter
with Kanishka Raffel

In the first century AD, Christians were under great threat from false teachers who were trying to lead them away from the real Jesus. Unfortunately, that danger is just as real for Christians today. In this workshop, Kanishka Raffel will unpack 2 Peter and what it has to teach us about false teachers.

Friendship Under the Word of God: How Maturity Grows and Disciples are Made
with Nicholas Wood

A Jewish preacher walks into his local camping store… It sounds like the start a bad joke, but in Acts 18 it's how Apollos meets the owners of Priscilla & Aquila’s Well-Priced Tents. Before they can sing kumbaya, they’re having dinner and discussing scripture. Christian’s have been meeting like this in 2’s and 3’s ever since. Ladies have termed it ‘prayer sisters’, blokes say they’re ‘catching up’; and your pastor declares it’s a one to one. Whatever it’s called, Jesus himself commends it (Matt 18:20). So, how can we intentionally meet with others well? We all know it starts with coffee and chapter 1. But where's it all heading? What's in it for me? My church? And what on earth does the first verse mean? This is a workshop about the how and why of having a close friendship under the Word of God.

Experiencing Personal Gospel Renewal: Enjoying Peace, Joy, and New Freedom Through the Person and Work of Jesus Christ
with Mark Tapping

Christianity is tired and unsurprising and mostly about making a big effort because God is worth it. If that in any way describes your experience or current feelings, you need Personal Gospel Renewal. In this workshop we will play with some renewal dynamics and explore two truths which together will make your heart sing. Mark will use material influenced by Tim Keller to show how we can unearth heart idols and see more clearly the beauty of the gospel.

How to Enjoy God: John 14
with Duane Olivier

Everyone knows you’re supposed to ‘read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow’. But do you ever find yourself asking this question: ‘Will my quiet times ever not be boring?” What does Jesus Christ Himself say about reading the Bible and praying? This workshop looks at Jesus’ own words in John 14 and will give some practical help into how Christians can enter into and experience the joy that the Three Persons of God share.

Compromise or Fight: Lessons from Church History
with Clare Deeves

How strenuously would you argue against wedding rings? Would you insist on belief in the virgin birth? What about the resurrection? The Puritans of the 16th century and the Fundamentalists of the 1920s faced these kinds of questions and we continue to face them, though in different forms, today. So how much depends on context and how much is absolute? This elective will look at the ways the Puritans and the Fundamentalists approached some of the questions of their time and at the outcomes. In the process we will consider how we should approach the questions that face us today.

Singleness: Why The World Is Wrong
with Eryn-May Wicks

The world tells us the single life is 'less than', lonely, crazy, wasted, and unattractive. On the other hand, it also tells us the single life is free, fun, and easy. In this workshop, Eryn-May Wicks will help us examine the world's view of singleness and how that fits with God's truth.

Expressing Your Faith in the Workplace
with Jeroen Bruins

In what ways are we called to express our faith in our secular jobs? Is there a point at which we should keep them separate? Does God even really care about the work that I do? Jeroen will help us to think about how we live out the Gospel in our workplace, in a loving and godly manner. There will be some practical examples to work through that aim to leave you inspired and armed with confidence in expressing your Christianity whilst around the people you work with.

Telling Your Story to Hit the Heart
with Paul Young

Our own stories can be a powerful tool for sharing about Jesus with others, but how? In this workshop, Paul Young will help us explore how we can be better story tellers as we share what Jesus has done in our lives. It will prepare us to tell our testimony in three different ways so that we can show others how Jesus has changed our purpose, challenged the meaning of our life, and how Jesus explains the experiences we have in our lives.